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Dear Valued Client,

Sophie's Healthcare Services is dedicated to providing the most professional and highest quality of care available. To further this goal we have recently adopted a new system called VisitCall. The use of this system will allow us to know where our caregivers are in real time, to assure that they are providing you with timely care. Upon implementation of VisitCall, we will be able to monitor our caregivers at all times. If the caregiver is late or does not show up, we will have this information through the VisitCall system, so there is no burden for you to call and inform us. VisitCall also will reduce paperwork, so that our caregivers can spend more time with you and less time filling out forms.

This system requires your caregiver to use your telephone once upon arrival and once departure. There are no costs to you for these calls! They will be using a toll-free number, and each call is less than 1 minute. If you have the type of phone service that restricts the number of calls you can make each month, don't worry. These calls will not count towards your monthly total.

This new system is being implemented for your benefit, and will improve the overall care that you receive. Please note this will take effect on 9/30/2013. We thank you in advance for helping us to improve the quality of health care for all of our patients by allowing us to use your phone.

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