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Our services at Sophie’s Health Care Services, Inc. are not limited to aiding infirmed persons alone. But we also take care of those who may be suffering from disabilities that affect mobility and everyday task performance.

Sophie’s Health Care Services, Inc. also caters to home care requirements for aging adults that need special care. Other clients include families who may be facing intense emotional dilemmas due to a loss of a member. We also have nurses who can educate families, parents, or individuals about health management in a home setting. We also extend help to those adapting to a new living environment after moving in or after being discharged from a hospital.

For continuity of care, Sophie’s Health Care Services, Inc. offers the following services:

If you feel that you or someone you love could use any of the services we offer above, just contact 845-369-6231 or click here. We’ll be happy to help you and your family take control of their health without leaving home.